Littoral Zone: Percussion for Mollusks



Over the years I’ve enjoyed looking into tidepools, with their seaweed and starfish and crabs, and, especially, mollusks. These percussion pieces are semi-composed and semi-improvised, and while inventing them I gave them molluscan names that fit their moods. The music of “Spirula spirula” spirals. “Janthina janthina” floats; its namesake rides the waves on a raft of bubbles. “Dentalium elephantium,” or “elephant’s tusk,” has a thunderous velocity. You’ll hear over 50 different percussion instruments, from drums of many kinds to bells, shakers, an espresso maker and a wheelbarrow, as well as bottles and berimbau. The variety of sounds and moods evokes the crowded life of a tidepool.

With Anna Patton, clarinet and Steve Rice, marimba

Available for download from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer and other sites

“Brilliantly masterful percussion … soars with the rhythms of life” — Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Voluta Musica

Doris Prismatica

Cardium Cordissa


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