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Littoral Zone
“Brilliantly masterful percussion … soars with the rhythms of life” — Contemporary Fusion Reviews

The Old City
“Full of joy and high-energy talent” — Contemporary Fusion Reviews
“Uproarious and jubilant … sweet and strong like sugarcane” — Dee Dee McNeil,

The One Who Makes You Happy
“For more than 40 years, the Vermont-based percussionist and composer has studied and performed music from Africa to the Caribbean, from the Americas to the Balkans. His global sensibilities are on full display on this self-released recording with his sextet. Infusing jazz composition and instrumentation with his worldly orientation and rhythmic arsenal, Gerstin teases out African and Caribbean elements as well as Eastern European analogs … Intoxicating … Joyful.” — JazzIz, Winter 2018

“Percussionist Julian has roved about the globe working with musicians from many countries, and for this adventure, he’s got a stellar cast of players as well … This is definitely the kind of high-energy jazz we seek out here… Any listener, no matter their “jazz background”, will find this very enjoyable and danceable. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” — Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Far-ranging, wildly inventive, with more beats per minute than a street-side jackhammer … This has to be in the conversation for world album of the year.” — Mike Greenblatt,

“The shape-shifting music can beguile even the most canny listener … Just the right mix of fire and water.” — Raul DaGamma,

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