Music for the Exploration of Elusive Phenomena


Original songs in styles I love from around the world, plus a couple inventions of my own. During the year of Covid-19, with musicians unable to gather together or perform for audiences, I chose material that could be recorded by each musician at home, and that isn’t quite jazzy enough for the Julian Gerstin Sextet. It’s mostly fun and danceable (a couple of the songs are serious and danceable). Styles range from afrobeat to cha cha cha to maracatu to West African bell polyrhythms. With twenty musician friends, including vocals by jazz great Wanda Houston (“American History”) and Sarah LeMieux (“After the Sleep of Lies,” “Long Journey Home”).
Check out animations of “American History” at, “After the Sleep of Lies” at, and “All Day Every Day” at
Available for download from BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and other sites, or buy the CD here.

American History

After the Sleep of Lies

All Day Every Day


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