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Ethnomusicology, music and social movements, anthropological theory, the Caribbean and African Diaspora, percussion, rhythmic training and analysis

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, 1996.
Dissertation: “Traditional Music in a New Social Movement: The Renewal of Bèlè in Martinique (French West Indies).”
Committee: Nelson H.H. Graburn (Chair), Alan Dundes, Vévé Clark, Jocelyne Guilbault.

M.A., Anthropology, University of Chicago, 1978.
Thesis: “The Body of Knowledge: Music of an Afro-American Drummer.”

B.A., Anthropology, New York University, 1976.

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“An Analysis of Improvised Dancer-Drummer Interaction in Martinican Bèlè.” SEM, Pittsburgh, 1997.

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Chair of panel: “Neo-Colonial Identity, Cultural Ideologies, and Disjuncture: An Interdisciplinary Study of Martinique.” AAA, Washington D.C., 1995.

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Instructor, Keene State College, 2007-present. “Music in the World’s Cultures,” “Jazz Around the World,” “Music of Africa and the African Diaspora,” “History of Jazz.”

Lecturer, Osher Lifelong Learning, 2010. “Jazz Around the World.” Osher is a University of Vermont-based institute for senior citizens.

Instructor, Clark University, 2006-present. “History of Jazz,” “Introduction to World Music,” Rhythm: Practice and Analysis.”

Instructor, Marlboro College, 2007. “Performing Society in the Caribbean.”

Instructor, Sonoma State University, 2001-2005. “Survey of World Music”; “History of Jazz”; “Survey of U.S. Music”; “Music of Africa and the African Diaspora.”

Instructor, San José State University, 1999-2005. “Studies in Improvisational Traditions” (graduate); “Music in World Cultures”; “Worlds of Jazz”; “Music of Latin America”; “West African Percussion Ensemble”; “Applied Improvisation: Africa/Diaspora”; “Musical Communities.”

Co-director with Ken Dalluge, 2000-present. “Ka Bô Kay” (college and high school seminars in African/Diasporic percussion).

Instructor, UC Berkeley Center for Media and Independent Learning, 1997-2003. “Musics of the World”; “Introduction to Physical Anthropology.”

Instructor, Las Positas College, 1999-00. “Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology”; “Cultural Pluralism.”

Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Western Kentucky University, 1998-99. “Introduction to Cultural Anthropology”; “Music of the Caribbean”; “Visual Anthropology”; “Anthropology of Religion.”

Visiting Assistant Professor, Music, Wesleyan University, 1997-98. “Problems and Methods” (graduate seminar in music scholarship); “Being an Ethnomusicologist” (graduate seminar); “Performance and Social Movements”; “Afro-Cuban Ensemble”; “Group Tutorial: Salsa.”

Adjunct Professor, University of the Pacific, 1996-97. “Musics of the World’s Peoples.”

Instructor, Chabot College, 1996-97 and 1990. “Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology”; “Introduction to Physical Anthropology.”

Instructor, Blue Bear School of Music, 1996-97 and 1988. “African and Diasporic Music.”

Head Teaching Assistant, UC Berkeley, 1996. “Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology.”

Teaching Assistant, UC Berkeley, 1995 and 1992. “Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology.”

Instructor, Sim’Ékol (Fort-de-France, Martinique), 1994-95. “African and Diasporic Music.”

Instructor, College of Alameda, 1991 and 1989. “Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology.”

Instructor, Vista College, 1989. “Art and Anthropology.”

Instructor, Chabot College, 1989. “African and Diasporic Music.”

Current ensembles/workshops in rhythm theory, African/Diasporic traditions and Latin jazz: Vermont Jazz Center, VJC Summer Jazz Camp, The Loft (Brattleboro, VT), Hit It! Youth Percussion Camp (Brattleboro Music Center)

Teacher training: Rhythm and Improvisation: Teaching to the National and State Standards (Vermont Jazz Center)

Previous ensemble courses: Wesleyan University, Sonoma State University, San José State University, Blue Bear School of Music, International Music Seminar (France)
Workshops and presentations at numerous colleges and high schools

San José State University Lottery Development Grant, 2001-02
MOSAIC Multicultural Teaching Award, San José State University, 2001-02

Wenner-Gren Foundation Predoctoral Research Grant, 1994-95

Humanities Graduate Research Grant from UC Berkeley, 1994

Conference Travel Grant from UC Berkeley, 1994

J. William Fulbright Grant from Institute of International Education, 1993-94

Lowie-Olson Award from University of California at Berkeley, 1992

Albert Award for Outstanding M.A. in Anthropology, University of Chicago, 1978

Vermont Jazz Center: Board President 2010-present, Board member 2009-present, Grants Committee

Society for Ethnomusicology

Nahuma Prize Committee, 2002-present

Secretary, Caribbean Interest Group, 2002-2003

President, Northern California Chapter, 2000-2003

Hewitt Pantaleoni Prize Committee, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, 1999

Center for Black Music Research
Grant Review Committee, 2005-present
Editorial Advisory Committee, 2002-present

Music Educators Association

International Association of Jazz Educators

Urban Arts Coordinator, Festival at the Lake, Oakland, 1985.
Produced exhibitions and performances of urban folk arts for this festival with an attendance of over 100,000; raised production funds of $40,000 from foundations and businesses; researched and documented local arts and artists; served as editor and chief writer of the exhibition catalog.

Folk Arts Assistant Coordinator, Festival at the Lake, Oakland, 1984.
Assisted in the production of exhibitions and performances of traditional folk arts, and served as editor and chief writer of the exhibition catalog.

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Julian Gerstin

— Music of Africa, the Caribbean and the African Diaspora —
percussion / ethnomusicology

62 Spruce St., Brattleboro VT 05301
(802) 246-1313

Julian Gerstin

— Music of Africa, the Caribbean and the African Diaspora —
percussion / ethnomusicology

62 Spruce St., Brattleboro VT 05301
(802) 246-1313


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